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NFL · 18 days ago

Could Broncos’ Javonte Williams Excel vs. Vikings on SNF?



Could Broncos’ Javonte Williams Excel vs. Vikings on SNF?

As the Denver Broncos continue to redefine their identity on offense, one player who has been steadily on the rise is running back Javonte Williams. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at his rushing prop of 68.5 yards and assess whether it’s a bet worth considering.

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The Evolution of the Broncos’ Offense

The Denver Broncos have undergone a transformation on the offensive side of the ball, and Javonte Williams has played a significant role in this shift. Initially, the team was cautious with Williams, limiting his touches. However, recent weeks have seen a change in approach, with Williams getting more opportunities to showcase his talent.

Increased Carry Volume

Over the past few weeks, Javonte Williams’ carry volume has been on the rise. With rushing attempts of 15, 8, 21, and 17 in his last four games, he has become a focal point of the Broncos’ ground game.

The Minnesota Vikings Matchup

This week, Javonte Williams faces the Minnesota Vikings, a team that has shown improvement in defending the run in recent games. While the Vikings have made strides in stopping the run, there is still reason to believe that Williams can exceed the 68.5 rushing yard prop.

The Impact of a Balanced Offense

One key factor that could favor Williams is the newfound balance in the Broncos’ offense. The ability to run the football effectively has added an extra dimension to their game plan, making them less predictable and more challenging for opposing defenses to defend.

Betting Strategy

While the 68.5 rushing yards prop for Javonte Williams is a well-set number, it’s a challenging bet to make with confidence. The matchup against the Vikings and the recent changes in the Broncos’ offensive approach make this prop a bit of a coin flip.

Final Thoughts

Javonte Williams’ role in the Denver Broncos’ offense continues to expand, and he faces a favorable matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. While the rushing prop of 68.5 yards is intriguing, it’s a bet that comes with uncertainty. From a fantasy perspective, Williams could deliver, but for betting purposes, this one might be best approached with caution, as it could go either way.

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