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MLB · 20 days ago

Dodgers Rotation’s Rocky Road: Can Buehler Pave the Way?



Dodgers Rotation’s Rocky Road: Can Buehler Pave the Way?

The LA Dodgers have always been a force to reckon with, but recent setbacks have left MLB fans and critics alike wondering what’s next for the storied franchise. As whispers about Walker Buehler‘s return grow louder, there’s an inevitable question: Can he reclaim his dominant form after such a lengthy absence?

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Buehler’s Anticipated Return

Buehler‘s prowess as a major league starter isn’t in doubt. His skill set and track record provide a sense of comfort that few others can. It’s reasonable to expect a slight adjustment period for him. After all, returning to full throttle after a hiatus can be a tall order. Given the Dodgers‘ history of being methodical with their starting pitchers, they will likely ease him back.

Alternative Avenues

The silver lining in this cloud is the depth within the Dodgers. Gavin Stone, who had a stint as a starter earlier in the season, is currently tuning up in the minors. Another intriguing option is Brusdar Graterol. Initially envisioned as a starter, Graterol’s role transformed into a formidable bullpen arm. However, given the dire straits, the Dodgers might contemplate stretching him for short starts, mimicking a tactic few teams have deployed post-trade deadline.

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The Controversy Corner

Of course, the Dodgers’ predicaments aren’t limited to injuries. Trevor Bauer‘s troubling off-field behavior has made headlines, leaving a shadow over the team. Given the severity of the allegations, he is currently pitching in Japan, so his return to the MLB seems unlikely. His story, paired with other disturbing allegations tied to the team, has been a PR nightmare, to put it lightly.

End of the Line or a Bump in the Road?

With the loss of talent like Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin and controversies surrounding key figures, the 2023 postseason looks challenging for the Dodgers. But history has shown that counting them out prematurely can be a fool’s errand. Their resilience, combined with their wealth of talent, means they could still mount a formidable challenge.

Regardless of opinions, controversies, and setbacks, the Dodgers remain a team to watch closely. With the season reaching its climax, all eyes will be on them to see if they can overcome the odds and silence their doubters.

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