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NFL · 18 days ago

Eagles’ Ground Game Dominates Vikings Defense on TNF



Eagles’ Ground Game Dominates Vikings Defense on TNF

Last year against the Minnesota Vikings, Jalen Hurts flaunted his ground prowess with two rushing scores. Flash forward to this year, and history seemed to repeat itself as Hurts rushed into the end zone twice against Minnesota.

One can argue about the legitimacy of the butt push or whatever label fans and analysts attach to it. Until the rules committee deems it illegal, it appears almost unstoppable. They seemed to have deciphered Minnesota’s weakness, taking to the ground in 48 team rush attempts. Hurts alone contributed 12 of these, amassing a notable 259 yards against the Vikings. The ground strategy wasn’t just effective; it was downright dominant.

Philadelphia fans, known for their fervent passion, often express their dissatisfaction vocally. It’s not a direct jab at the team but rather a reflection of their passion and hunger for the best performance. While the start of the game seemed somewhat disjointed, especially with Brian Johnson’s strategy, it became clear that the Eagles had discovered their edge. Despite throwing an unfortunate interception in the first half, Jalen Hurts recognized the advantage of their ground game against a Viking defense primarily focused on the pass.

While Minnesota’s coach, Brian Flores, tried to prevent the big plays by relying heavily on pass rushers, the Eagles found success with their robust offensive line. If there’s a standout star apart from Hurts, it was unquestionably D’Andre Swift. With a whopping 28 carries leading to 175 yards and a touchdown, Swift averaged an impressive 6.3 yards per carry.

However, one can’t help but question the coaching staff’s decisions. Initially, Kenneth Gainwell was the preferred lead back, with Swift only getting limited carries. Based on Swift’s outstanding performance against the Vikings, one wonders if Swift will now take over the backfield after Gainwell’s injury. 

Despite initial hurdles, the Eagles showcased their adaptability and resilience. The commendable adjustments made by the offensive line, combined with a dominant running game, ensured a praiseworthy performance against Minnesota. 

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