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NFL · 25 days ago

Let’s Talk About Najee Harris’ Rising Fantasy Value



Let’s Talk About Najee Harris’ Rising Fantasy Value

Najee Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers is gaining attention in the fantasy football world. Despite concerns about his ceiling, recent performances suggest an uptrend, making him a noteworthy pick in Week 10.

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The Recent Improvement of Najee Harris

Harris has shown significant improvement in recent games. His enhanced performance, particularly in breaking tackles and gaining yards after contact, points to a player far from being “washed up.” Instead, Harris is demonstrating a capacity for explosive plays, underlined by his top 20 ranking in missed tackles forced per attempt.

Analyzing the Matchup: Harris Against the Green Bay Packers

The matchup against the Green Bay Packers defense presents an opportunity for Harris. Historically susceptible to the run, the Packers’ defense, since Week 4, has allowed the ninth-highest explosive run rate. This vulnerability could play into Harris’ strengths, especially considering his recent uptick in performance.

Explosive Run Rate and Tackle-Breaking Metrics

Harris’ ranking as sixth in explosive run rate is a key indicator of his potential in upcoming games. This statistic, combined with his tackle-breaking metrics, builds a compelling case for his inclusion in fantasy lineups.

Jaylen Warren: The Complementary Back

While Jaylen Warren is expected to produce on limited touches, the spotlight remains firmly on Harris. Warren’s role in the offense might complement Harris, but it doesn’t detract from Harris’ primary role as the lead running back.

Harris’ Ascending Fantasy Rankings

In the last three weeks, Harris has steadily climbed in fantasy rankings, reaching the top 14 among running backs in two of his previous three games. This progression suggests a player who is building momentum at the right time.

The Continuation of a Positive Trend

The trend line for Harris indicates a player on the rise, both in terms of fantasy performance and potential betting value. His consistent production over the past few weeks sets the stage for what could be an even stronger showing in Week 10.

Conclusion: Najee Harris as a Strong Fantasy Play

In conclusion, Najee Harris presents a strong case for inclusion in fantasy lineups and betting considerations. His recent improvement, coupled with a favorable matchup against the Packers, positions him as a potentially high-scoring option. For those looking to capitalize on trends and matchups in fantasy football and betting, Harris is a player to watch closely in Week 10.

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