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NFL · 2 months ago

NFL MVP Betting Trends: Josh Allen Leads Oddsboard Despite Low Ticket Count



NFL MVP Betting Trends: Josh Allen Leads Oddsboard Despite Low Ticket Count

The MVP race is heating up as we approach the quarter-way mark of the NFL season. The markets have been busy adjusting their betting odds, and punters have been actively placing their bets. Let’s break down where some of the top contenders stand based on their odds and how bettors are responding at BetMGM Sportsbook.

NFL MVP Insights

  • Highest Ticket%: Jalen Hurts 15.0%
  • Highest Handle%: Jalen Hurts 14.8%
  • Biggest Liability: Jalen Hurts
  • Odds Leader: Josh Allen +325

Jalen Hurts has held steady in the MVP futures market. After opening at +1000, his odds had narrowed to +800 by last week and remain there this week. He’s garnered a notable 15.0% of tickets to lead the way, and his 14.8% of the handle also tops all competitors.

Patrick Mahomes, always a favorite in MVP conversations, opened at +650. His odds shortened to +550 last week and have further improved to +500 this week. Mahomes accounts for 9.9% of tickets, and his significant 14.2% of the handle only trails Hurts.

It’s been a wild ride for Joe Burrow. After opening at +650, his odds dramatically drifted to +2000 last week, and now they’ve skyrocketed to +8000. The lingering calf injury is hurting Burrow’s performance on the field and the oddsboard. Despite this, he’s pulled in 8.2% of both tickets and handle.

Lamar Jackson has seen his odds steadily improve. From an opening of +1600, he’s now at +1200. He’s responsible for 7.6% of tickets and 7.8% of the handle.

Trevor Lawrence, the much-hyped third-year man, opened at +1400. His odds widened to +2000 last week and have remained there. Lawrence holds 6.4% of tickets and 5.7% of the handle.

Tua Tagovailoa started at +1000 and significantly dropped to +350 last week. However, his odds have since lengthened slightly to +500 after a less-than-stellar showing in a big loss to the Bills. Tua sits with 5.6% of tickets and 4.7% of the handle in his corner.

Josh Allen, another perennial MVP contender, opened at +650. His odds have seen a bit of fluctuation, moving to +750 last week and now down to odds-on favorite status at +325. He’s taken 3.9% of tickets and a notable 6.5% of the handle. With his handle nearly doubling his ticket count, Allen likely has some big money bets behind him.

Justin Herbert began at +900, then moved to +1400 last week. He’s currently at +1600, accounting for 3.6% of tickets and 4.9% of the handle.

Finally, running back Christian McCaffrey opened with long odds of +10000. His odds shortened dramatically to +5000 last week and have now improved to +1400. While a non-quarterback rarely wins the award, McCaffrey is a legit contender, and if you got him at 100 to 1, you are sitting pretty. The former Panther holds 3.5% of tickets and 3.3% of the handle.

While some players have seen their odds stabilize, others have experienced significant movement, reflecting the unpredictable nature of the MVP race. Bettors have strong convictions about Hurts, Mahomes, and Burrow, given their percentages. As the season progresses, seeing how these numbers and odds evolve will be fascinating.

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