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NFL · 16 days ago

Washington Commanders vs. Denver Broncos: Can Russ Cook Commanders?



Washington Commanders vs. Denver Broncos: Can Russ Cook Commanders?

In the ever-evolving world of the NFL, few matchups prove as perplexing as the upcoming battle between the Denver Broncos and the Washington Commanders. With the Broncos as –3.5-point favorites, there’s certainly a lot to unpack in this intriguing showdown.

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The Broncos, historically speaking, have shown incredible prowess in September home games. The high altitude often becomes their 12th man, wearing out opponents as the games progress into the latter half. However, their recent display, which fell well below expectations, casts a shadow of doubt on their favored position.

Conversely, the Commanders failed to impress in their Week 1 face-off against Arizona. The question in the balance is whether they can capitalize on Denver’s perceived weaknesses. The tempting +3.5 in favor of Washington feels almost too good to ignore. Many might be quick to grab those points and sprint.

However, there’s a catch. Despite the Broncos’ shortcomings, there’s an inkling that they might be the right play. While it’s clear that neither team exudes confidence currently, it’s the Broncos’ historical September home record that can’t be ignored.

But let’s discuss individual performances. Denver’s potential ace up their sleeve might be the return of Jerry Jeudy. His inclusion could lift the Broncos’ offensive output, but to what extent remains uncertain. Washington, too, showed signs of offensive struggle, particularly in their ground game. With Brian Robinson offering a lukewarm performance and Antonio Gibson continuing his fumbling woes, putting faith in the Commanders’ offense is tough.

Kicking woes have plagued Denver, with Wil Lutz having a surprisingly off game last week. If this trend continues, it could be the difference between covering the spread or not.

Taking everything into account, the Broncos’ favored status by more than a field goal seems lofty. This matchup appears to be a classic trap game, demonstrating once more the precision of Vegas lines. It’s a tough call, but grabbing those 3.5 points with Washington might be the way to go. But be wary, as this game is bound to reveal much more about both teams and their season trajectories.

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