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MLB · 25 days ago

Astros Extend Lead Over Rangers After Big Tuesday Victory



Astros Extend Lead Over Rangers After Big Tuesday Victory

The Houston Astros put on a clinic this week, setting the tone in the American League West. Their most recent performance was nothing short of spectacular, with a whopping 14 runs in Arlington, amassing an impressive total of 27 runs over their two-game stand.

Jose Altuve took center stage, igniting the team with a home run in the first, followed by another in the second and yet another in the top half of the third inning. With 14 runs against the Texas Rangers, the Astros have overtaken the AL West’s top spot. They now have a game lead over Seattle and are two games ahead of Texas.

The Astros didn’t just defeat the Rangers – they sent a clear and dominating message. Racing ahead nine to nothing after just three innings, the prowess of their offense was evident. Altuve’s three homers were a sight to behold, a testament to his skills. 

It wasn’t just Altuve showcasing his prowess. Let’s not forget Martin Maldonado, traditionally a catcher but an equally capable batter in the nine-hole. He masterfully handles the pitching staff, a skill unmatched, ensuring his spot on the roster. His performance was nothing to scoff at either, with two home runs the previous night, contributing to the 14-1 drubbing that saw the Astros registering a total of 20 hits.

While there were concerns, especially with a brief losing streak that threatened to leave them out of the playoff contention, their current performance reinforces their standing. Battling it out with teams for the coveted number one wild card position and the division championship, it’s always a significant boost when you can outclass them head-to-head.

A 14-1 victory isn’t just a win; it’s a statement. It makes it clear that the Houston Astros aren’t just passing through – they’re here to stay, and they mean business.

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