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MLB · 4 months ago

MLB Futures: Stolen Base Predictions and Key Players to Watch



MLB Futures: Stolen Base Predictions and Key Players to Watch

In this year’s MLB season, there has been a noticeable surge in stolen bases. This upward trend is intriguing and brings with it implications for the future of baseball strategy.

All Odds Courtesy Bet365

Stolen Bases: An Increasing Trend

While the increase in stolen bases has not been as drastic as some initially predicted, there has been a definite uptick. A standout performer in this area is Esteury Ruiz of the Oakland A’s, who has managed to steal a remarkable 24 bases. Ruiz, who was acquired by the A’s in the offseason, is making a significant impact in this area.

Other top base stealers include Ronald Acuna Jr. with 18 stolen bases, Jorge Mateo of the Baltimore Orioles, and Ji Hwan Bae of the Pittsburgh Pirates, both boasting 14. Wander Franco has lived up to his promise, delivering 14 stolen bases as well.

Adapting to Change: Stolen Base Success Rates

However, there has been an adjustment period. The stolen base success rates have fallen over the past few weeks compared to the beginning of the season. This decline suggests that pitchers are getting better at using their tools to keep runners close.

Surprisingly, one strategy involves pitchers waiting longer to try to limit stolen bases. Although counterintuitive, this strategy is proving effective.

Spotlight on Esteury Ruiz

Ruiz’s performance deserves particular attention. The A’s traded for him in a deal that sent Sean Murphy away. Ruiz’s phenomenal numbers in AAA last year, which included a high on-base percentage, a high average, numerous stolen bases, homers, doubles, and RBIs, justified this decision.

There’s a lingering question over Ruiz’s potential performance in the majors. However, the A’s are giving him the opportunity to prove his mettle. Given his speed, while he might not challenge Ricky Henderson’s 100 number, Ruiz could feasibly reach 80 stolen bases.

The last player to reach 50 swipes in a season was in 2017. With his impressive start, Ruiz seems like a safe bet to surpass this number this year.


In conclusion, the increase in stolen bases this MLB season signifies a shift in playing strategy and presents an exciting area of focus for future games. Keep an eye on players like Ruiz, Acuna,  Mateo, Ji Hwan Bae, and Franco, who are leading this trend.

Top 10 Odds to Lead the League in Steals on Bet365

Player Team Odds
Esteury Ruiz Oakland A’s -130
Ronald Acuna Jr. Atlanta Braves 275
Bobby Witt Jr. KC Royals 1400
Cedric Mullins Baltimore Orioles 1600
Corbin Carroll Arizona Diamondbacks 1600
Jorge Mateo Baltimore Orioles 1600
Ji Hwan Bae Pittsburgh Pirates 1600
Anthony Volpe New York Yankees 2000
Julio Rodriguez Seattle Mariners 2000
Nico Hoerner Chicago Cubs 2800

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